Players are expected to read and comprehend the rulesets before interacting with Euroboros servers.
  • Do not purposely offend or harass any player of Euroboros.
  • Do not follow players around who do not wish to play with you.
  • No doxxing any player regardless of their reputation/publicity.
  • Do not intentionally try to ruin active games by blocking, exploiting, shooting players, etc.
Voice Chat
  • Players that use voice chat in public servers must speak English only. This does not apply if you are in a privated, passworded server.
  • Do not play excessive soundboard/spam audio into voice chat input.
  • Do not use another player's alias/nametag. Gone or not.
  • Do not portray yourself as a member of a clan that you are not a part of. Dead or alive.
  • Do not impersonate Zandronum/Euroboros staff.
Vote Abuse
  • Do not use the vote system relentlessly and without reason.
  • Do not stack multiple client connections to push a vote in your favor.
  • Do not evade your punishment at any time during your ban length. Doing so will reinstate your ban permanently.
Cheating and Exploiting
  • Do not intentionally use client modifications, cheating programs, or glitches in order to grief or otherwise gain an advantage in a multiplayer game.
  • If you find an exploit or someone exploiting/cheating, please report it to the WAD author and Euroboros staff immediately.