Welcome to Euroboros
We are a free automatic doom hosting service located in Europe. Inspired by TSPG, we hope to provide quality
and consistence for our European doomers. Sign up today and create your very own doom servers for free!

Discord Server
Here is the invite link to our server. Please revise the rules before saying hello!

We have a Patreon
Running a free hosting solution for Zandronum can be pricy. Any donations would help immensely!
Donate and get special website and discord perks as a thank you for your gratuity. Become a patreon here!

Also consider donating to Dark-Assassin!
Dark-Assassin is the ceator and primary mainteiner of this website.
You can appreciate the work they have by donating to their Paypal or their Patreon.

Zandronum 3.1 Stable Release
Zandronum 3.1 has finally come out of testing and is in stable release. You can download it here!
If you are struggling to join our servers or install zandronum, please visit our discord above and we will help you out.

All of Euroboros servers will be transitioning to the latest release.

You will no longer be able to host any versions but 3.1-2135.