If you feel a player is violating Euroboros rules, you can privately report them to a staff member. Please @Game Moderator in #support and request a direct message to proceed with the report. Kindly explain in detail the issue you are having and our staff will get to you as soon as possible.

Website Rules: https://euroboros.net/rules/
Website Policies: https://euroboros.net/policies/
Discord Rules: #rules

Yes, you can advertise YouTube or other streaming services in #media. You can post your links directly or any videos that you would like.
Yes, you may advertise your Discord ONLY if it is Doom related. You must contact a staff member first to have your discord link added to #discords. We automatically block all discord invite messages in all channels for security reasons.

You can include Doom related Discord invites or streaming channels within your server name on Euroboros. Utilize basic common sense and do not link to anything NSFW/NSFL.

Unfortunately at this time it is not possible, but it may be in the works in the near future.

Hosting a server on Euroboros can be intimidating for new users, as there is a lot of navigation links that may overwhelm you. Fortunately hosting a Zandronum server is very easy! This forum post will help you navigate our website and successfully host the multiplayer doom session you have been itching for.

Vast amount of hostable Zandronum mods are now listed here. If you’re confused what to host, this would be a great place to start. (Maintained by @Samuzero15tlh )

The first step is to register an account on our website! You can do that by going to the following link:
https://euroboros.net/register.php Remember to use a password you don’t use anywhere else.
Use a valid email as you will need to verify your account before you can access our service.

Once you register, an email will be sent to you under the name Euroboros Registration Verification. Click the verification link and then proceed to login to your account. Be patient with your email service, as it may take up to 10 minutes to recieve the email. Be sure to check your spam/junk mailbox if you do not see it. If you still can not see the email, contact @Game Moderator in #support for assistance.

If you ever forget your username/email/password, please visit https://euroboros.net/login.php and click one of the three options at the bottom to recover your account.

It would be a huge help to us admins if you would go to your account details and include your discord ID in the Discord Account box. This will help us to contact you much easier if something goes wrong in the future. You can do this at https://euroboros.net/account.php This is not required.

You are now ready to host! You can visit the hosting page at https://euroboros.net/zandronum/host.php
The page will look like this, and we will go over every section of this hosting page so you understand what section changes what about your server. I will be explaining this page from left to right starting at the top.

Host Page Image

Load Config: Drop down menu allows you to load previous configs you have saved in the past. In case you have created an awesome server you would like to host in the future, you can save your configuration you have created at the bottom File Name text box.

Search Config: Text box allows you to search other user’s configurations that have been saved! If you’re stuck on what to host, type a popular mod’s name in the search bar and see what other people have hosted. I recommend this feature for the absolute newest of server hosters.

Server Name: You can set your server name that will be visible on the master server here. Patreon VIP users can remove/alter the [EB] tag of the server name.

Server Version: You can select which build of Zandronum/Q-Zandronum that will run. We currently support the latest alpha and stable of Zandronum/Q-Zandronum.

Connections/Players: Connections is the max amount of clients the server will allow. Players is the max amount of those clients can play at any one time.
For example if I wanted a 8 player/client max deathmatch server, but only want 4 players at a time to play, you can set it up as 8 Connections / 4 Players, the other 4 players will be forced to spectate during gameplay.

Game Mode: Will host the specified game mode. More information on these game modes can be found here: https://wiki.zandronum.com/Game_modes
(If you want survival, keep the game mode on Cooperative and set an amount in Lives text box.

Skill Level: Sets the difficulty of the game. Vanilla skill levels are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. The most common and usual difficulty set is 3. (Ultra Violence)
(Note some mods have their own custom skill levels.)

Lives: Sets the amount of lives you will have in the server. (This applies for Coop, Invasion, Last Man Standing, Team Last Man Standing).
Leave blank for any other game mode.

Teams: In team game modes, you can set the amount of teams in this text box.

Database File: can specify an existing database file for mods that save data. Use a new database file name to create a new database.

IWADs: Will host specified IWAD. Self explanatory.

Skulltag Data: Specify if the mods being hosted need skulltag data to run properly. (Mostly legacy mods)

Mods: Specify the mod files you want to host on your server. You will notice as you type the wad name, it will automatically suggest wad names to make your life easier. Click the wad name to finalize and start a new line, then continue until you have all the wads you want.
If you want a more detailed search page for our repository, visit this link https://euroboros.net/zandronum/wads.php
If there is a mod that is not on our repository, upload it here https://euroboros.net/zandronum/upload.php

Can't figure out what to play? Try using this list of popular mods created by Samuzero15tlh:

Optional Mods: Specify any optional mods that are not required by the server to play. Use this for texture, music or skin packs. This can help people not use as much bandwidth when downloading mods to your server, as music/skin packs can be quite beefy to download.

Starting Map: Will tell the server to start on a specified map ID.

Map List: Will enable map rotation and will play through a specified list of maps. Check the “Random” box if you would like the maps in that list to be randomized.

Flags dictate specific gameplay and compatibility features on the game server/client. Utilize dropdown menus to customize these settings or input numeric values for precise adjustments. Our website automates flag calculations for your convenience. Default settings are generally optimized for most servers, making them suitable if you’re uncertain about your selections.

You can control the limits/max points of a specified gamemode. The textboxes will be greyed out if they don’t apply to the game mode you have selected.

Remote Console Password: Establishes the password for the external RCON, utilized within the in-game RCON console or an external client. This confidential credential should only be shared with trusted individuals.

Connect Password: Determines the password required for clients to connect to your server.

Join Password: Specifies the password necessary for clients to join an ongoing game session.

This section controls if voting is allowed on the server and can control the specifics of how voting can be used. Set the Minimum Voters textbox carefully as abusive players can disrupt gameplay with a second client!

Limit Voting: checkbox will force a cooldown on clients from voting again.

Use the additional parameters box to include any other server variables or mod variables that cannot be adjusted with the provided hosting page.

Thats it!

After your server is successfully hosted, you can find your server on the master server list by typing its name into the search bar on doomseeker/doomexplorer.

You can access your server’s info/settings by visiting Server List > Your Servers > {servername} [i] button.

Remember to connect to your server with the same version of Zandronum you chose to host on the website or you will get an outdated version error on connecting. Good luck and happy dooming! If you need any other help please don’t hesitate to use #support channel with your questions.

If you’re struggling to get Zandronum, or Windows/Linux working properly, please do not hesitate to contact #support for help.

There is a wiki page with a vast list of multiplayer mods for Zandronum. It is maintained by @Samuzero15tlh .

Feel free to upload anything that is not already on the Euroboros repository.

Yes, if you are hosting a special event/tournament and require more servers, then please feel free to contact @Game Moderator or @Admin , we can increase the server limit on your account during the event/tournament. (within reason)

Keep in mind of our server resources. If we are nearing the 150 global server limit, we will be unable to allocate more servers for you as we reserve this for our VIP patrons.

If you need extra servers without all of the wait and hassle, then please consider subscribing to VIP on our Patreon.

Yes, just @Admin in #support and we can retrieve it for you. Please be sure to state your Server ID/Username too.

Due to the nature of our repository being publicly accessible to upload/download files, we do not handle copyright claims between two parties. The best solution is to contact the person directly and kindly request them to remove the file in question.

Due to the nature of sv_cheats and its potential to be abused, it is globally disabled on Euroboros servers. Euroboros has limited resources and sv_cheats has the capability of lagging the CPU and other servers on the same node.

We allow VIP patron users to access sv_cheats (given you have read and understood the special rules in place for it.) please head to the link below to subscribe.

There are multiple reasons why you may not be able to see Euroboros servers on the master server list. The reasons below may answer your question:

You have filter settings enabled on Doomseeker.
On the top navbar on Doomseeker, please click on ‘Server Filter’ and disable the server filter. This can cause a majority of servers to not appear. Refresh the server list after you have disabled the server filter and search for Euroboros servers.

You may have a misconfigured firewall within Windows Firewall/Antivirus Firewall/Router Firewall
Sometimes a firewall misconfiguration may cause Euroboros servers to not show up. If you feel this may be an issue, please add an exception to your firewalls. Contact #support if you need assistance with this.

You may be using a VPN/IP masking service.
VPNs are strictly prohibited on Euroboros as they dissolve security within our service. We use an anti-proxy service that automatically bans proxy IPs. Please disable your VPN service if you have one running and try searching for Euroboros again.

You may be caught in a range ban from another player.
In extreme circumstances, we have to ban a large scale range of IPs on a player to remove them from Euroboros for TOS violations. This has the implication of possibly banning innocent players. If you have done nothing wrong and suddenly cannot see Euroboros servers, this might be the cause. Please contact @Admin in #support to request a DM to solve this problem. (DO NOT post your public IP within the channel, we can deal with this issue within direct messages privately.)

You may have been banned from Euroboros for a violation within our Terms of Service.
You may have been banned for breaching our terms of service, which is listed here:
https://euroboros.net/rules/ || https://euroboros.net/policies/
If you feel you have been wrongfully banned from our service and/or to appeal your ban, you may @Admin and request a DM for further assistance.

Euroboros may be offline.
If you have checked off all of the reasons above, then Euroboros may actually be down! If you feel this is the case, feel free to ping @Admin or @Developer and let us know.

While TSPG and Euroboros use the same server management software, it is important to note that they are run on entirely seperate machines by a completely seperate team. This means our local repositories are vastly different. If mods are not listed on the Euroboros repository, you may download it from TSPG and upload it to Euroboros.

There are several reasons why your server may not start. The reasons below may help guide you to the reason:

Modern GZDoom mods are incompatible with Zandronum.
Modern GZDoom mods (generally >2014) are incompatible with Zandronum. Modern GZDoom uses an entirely different scripting language that is incompatible with Zandronum’s scripting language. If the mod you originally downloaded stated it was for GZDoom, then it will most likely not work. You can find a wiki of popular Zandronum mods here: https://wiki.zandronum.com/List_of_mods

The mod being loaded is not compatible with the server version.
Some mods use updated ACS/server side functions that are only available on newer versions of Zandronum. You may be running an outdated server version. Try to load the mods on a newer Zandronum version. Euroboros will only host the latest stable and alpha versions.

Your server may be missing required wad files for the mod to load properly.
Sometimes mods may require extra wad files to run properly. You can search ‘Not Running’ servers in ‘Server List’ page to see how other servers have their loadout set for the mod you are wanting to play. https://euroboros.net/zandronum/servers.php
A common problem users have when hosting is not adding the Skulltag content wad to the server. Some legacy mods require Skulltag content or it will not start. You can enable Skulltag content from the host page, under ‘WADs’ category. You can enable ‘Skulltag Data’ from there. It will automatically select the correct version for you depending on the server version you have selected.

You may have conflicting mods loaded at the same time.
Some mods may override critical functionality within another mod and cause errors. You can review the error output of your server within the server’s page.
Your Servers > [i] Button > Scroll down to 'Additional Info' and review 'Script Errors'