Information we gather
When you register for an Euroboros account we gather two sets of information. This information includes:
  • Email address for registration.
  • IP address used to perform actions on this website (ie: registering account, logging in, editing account, hosting servers, etc.)
When you connect to any server created using this service, your IP address will also be logged as per Zandronum's design.
This information is encoded when viewing the server log files. Server hosters will be able to see your IP.
Use of information
We use this information to perform operational tasks such as password resets and if need be, to forbid people who break the rules and polices from using this service.
We will not hand this information over to any 3rd parties at all. We will however hand it over to law enforcement if it is requested of us to do so.
Zandronum Private Messages
Zandronum has private messaging within its chat functionality.
Messages within private messaging are only logged to Euroboros staff for moderation purposes. Hosters cannot see these messages.
Please refrain from sending personal information within private messages.

This policy may be changed at any time without prior notice.
By using our service, you agree to the aforementioned policy.
If you do not agree to this policy, you may terminate your usage of hosting service, as this policy applies to you, the user, using the hosting service (not as a player) while using said service.