Our moderation system:
Staff may either ban a player from hosting or from both hosting and joining based on context.
A player's punishment length is decided on staff discretion based on severity of the infraction.
Our site-wide rules can be found here.
Euroboros Staff Members:
  • Staff may moderate any server as needed.
  • Staff may join private servers if there is a need to do so.
  • Staff may view the logs of your server as well as rcon password (please use passwords that you do not use for other things).
  • Staff may determine if an action or behavior breaks the spirit of our policy / rules and moderate accordingly.
  • Staff will not consider donor status as immunity from consequences.
  • Staff will not engage in unwarranted personal attacks or harassment.
  • Staff will not administrate for personal reasons.

Euroboros is an open hosting cluster. It is NOT a server hosting utility. That means Euroboros staff have discretion when dealing with a situation.
If you disagree with how a situation was handled, please bring it up with our staff on Discord. We will check logs and discuss any issues regarding behavior.